54. To Look Back – Review

At the beginning of the semester when I signed up for this class, I already  knew what I was going to have to do.  My best friend Amy took this class before me so I already have an idea of how the class was going to work, and I was excited!  When Will and Scott told us our brand was Levi’s I immediately went and told Amy.  She said “aww man Levi’s are so much easier than band-aids” haha.  So as I tried to think of ideas for this project I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I began to talk to other masc majors above me asking them about their experience in this class and they assured me that I wouldn’t run out of ideas.  Well I will admit that I did get quiet behind around the middle of the semester and I felt really bad about it, I knew that I could do better than that, and I knew that I had to do better than that.  I’ve learned so much in this class and its helped me broaden my creative side, but its also made me realize that I’m a strategic not a creative.  Granted I can make ideas come to life but I’m so much better and coming up with the idea and letting someone else develop it.  I’m no artist, as you have seen throughout my posts, but I do my best.

If I were to look back at all my posts and decide which one was my favorite and which one was my best I would pick these two:

My “Let Go of Your Past” post where I stood up against a wall and spelled out the word Levi’s with my shadow was my favorite.  It really hit home with me and I really taught myself something out of that post.

My “Star Spangled Levi’s” post was probably my best post.  Granted the picture sucked…the idea didn’t.  It really showed my patriotic side and my artistic side.

I also enjoyed my donkey and elephant made out of Levi’s and my “If I Should Have A Daughter” video.  Overall, I really learned a lot from this class and I’ve really expanded my creativity.  Taking this class has made me realize that I’m a strategic creator than a creative creator…while it takes the other to make the other I still feel like I’m more of a strategic.

Thanks for an awesome and crazy semester Will and Scott! 🙂

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53. Snoozin’ – Responsible

…or irresponsible for that matter.  This is a picture of my roommate sleeping when she should be studying for her finals…lately my roommate and I have felt the urge to skip class and sleep non-stop…these past few weeks have been hell weeks for us.  Well I’ve decided to document a time when I was being responsible and working on my Project 54 posts and my roommate was SLACKIN.  We both have a final on Wednesday that we need to study for so I’m gonna go wake her lazy butt up so we can study…and be responsible!! 😀 😀 😀

She just happened to be wearing her Levi’s in this pic and her butt just happened to be showing…maybe she was dreaming of me doing my Project 54 and she knew that I was gonna sneak in on her mwahahahaha

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52. Management – Responsible

Have you ever noticed how irresponsible businesses are? The other day I was at work at these kids were climbing on the bars in our playland which they’re not supposed to do so I asked another manager if we could get sued for that and she said no because there was a disclaimer on the sign entering the playland that Chick-fil-a wasn’t responsible for any injuries.  You see this at Wal-mart too with shopping carts, how they aren’t responsible for damages to vehicles.  Like I understand the reasoning behind it, like businesses aren’t responsible for other people’s stupidity but like on cigarettes they have disclaimers that say “cigarettes cause lung cancer”…well obviously….  But somewhere along the line someone sued Phillip Morris for not notify a customer that cigarettes could in fact cause lung cancer…people are just stupid.  Well all I have to say is that I’m glad that Levi’s are responsible and don’t need disclaimers that say “we are not responsible if these jeans don’t fit you right, you’re just too fat.”  Levi’s care about their customers and want to provide the best fit ever in a jean that’s why they have so many styles, to cater to whatever body size and shape that wants to wear Levi’s.

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51. Chick-fil-a – Responsible

So as I’ve probably told you in my posts before, I work at Chick-fil-a. But I probably didn’t mention that I was a Manager there. Yes, a manager.  I’m only 19 years old and I am the youngest manager there.  My duties include, counting registers, delegating tasks, counting the store’s money, setting the alarm for the store at night, and of course performing my duties as an employee at Chick-fil-a (CFA).  On average, I am in charge of about 10 people a shift.  Sometimes I train new people and show them how to do things and half of the time I just tell people what to do haha i’m totally kidding, I’m nice about it.  If you were to ask someone at my work who the coolest manager was, they’d say me! 😛 haha but I find my job to be a big responsibility because whenever I work I’m usually closing the store which means I have to make sure that everything is ready for the next day’s shift of people.  I have to make sure that everything is stocked and cleaned and that all the money has been counted correctly.  On an average shift I touch about $5000, so my boss has to put trust in me that I’m going to be responsible and not steal and what not.  I’ve never been tempted to steal money from my work, ever.  When I was first offered this job, I was kinda skeptical because I thought it was going to be too much work and dedication required of me, but after having several meetings with my boss, he assured me that once I got the hang of things that I would be fine.  Well I’ve had this position for about 6 months now and I do have to say that I love it.  I love my team members and I love working at CFA.  Probably the only thing that would make my job better is I was allowed to wear Levi’s…instead I have to wear ugly black work pants that are flattering on me at all.  Levi’s would provide a better look and if all of CFA wore Levi’s I’m pretty sure we’d be the coolest restaurant around…below is a picture of me and my team member staff.

These are my frontline lovelies…we just so happened to have all girls tonight.

This is my roommate, yes we actually work together!!

This is my incredibly goofy boss, Chris:

This is mi amiga that works in the backline, Patricia!

And this is me screening an order (screening means putting all the food together for one order)

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50. UGH – Responsible.

SO somewhere in the mix of things I got behind and totally missed the week when we were supposed to do responsible posts…well I don’t feel very responsible right now in fact, I’m quite mad at myself.  So I apologize to my professors and my class mates who will have to read the remainder of posts in mixed up order all because I’m just that stupid….here’s to a non-responsible post. fml.

this is my emotion right now:

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49. Hey Hey I Got A Survey!! – Review

I was interested in seeing what my fellow student looked for most when it comes to deciding which jeans to buy.  I surveyed 34 people and here are the results:

1. What is your favorite pair of jeans?

Levi’s Jeans came in first place with 51.6% and American Eagle Jeans came in second with 35.5%

2. What is the most important factor to you when buying jeans?

Style (skinny, bootcut, and straight leg) came in first with 73.5% with Price coming in at a close second with 70.6%

3. What is your favorite style of jean?

Skinny Jeans came in first place with 50% and bootcut and straight leg tied in second with 20.6%

This survey allowed to me view the opinions of my peers and to reinforce my belief that Levi’s Jeans really are the best and they are available in every style and can provide a great fit and price.

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48. What Not To Wear – Review

The television show What Not To Wear airs on TLC hosted by Clinton Kelly and Stacey London.  I adore this show.  I could watch it all day even.  Well I figured that I would channel my passion for this show into a post and give someone a virtual makeover! So lets start with the before pictures and then the after pictures.

The show first starts off with giving the person a whole new wardrobe by allowing them to show in New York with a $5000 credit card.  After they have bought a new wardrobe they are off for a hair and makeup makeover.

Here is the before shot of Gwyneth’s clothes:

Here is the after shot of Gwyneth’s new clothes:

Here is the before shot of Gwyneth Paltrow for hair and makeup:

 Here is the after shot of Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair and makeup:

At the end of the show they send the contestant back to their families and they get to show off their new clothes and celebrate:

As you can see the after shot of Gwyneth shows her in Levi’s stating that Levi’s are the jean to really complete a fashionable look.  Levi’s are so fashionable that even our favorite celebrities buy them!

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